Punk WRLD 14 timmar sedan
JH's Channel
JH's Channel 14 timmar sedan
why do you find this funny?
MrChelseaDan 14 timmar sedan
5:08 bruh I can’t be the only one who thought they were JJ’s parents 😭😭
Strykey 14 timmar sedan
Well a lot of dogs r gonna die (if u get it u get it)
It is What it is
It is What it is 14 timmar sedan
Jj please react to white girl get rejected by every race semost.info/award/iaFvopl2l6-qqoA/video.html
SGT TACHANKA 14 timmar sedan
A blessing from the lord
Vishalan Karunanithi
Vishalan Karunanithi 14 timmar sedan
Now we know who was jj’s inspiration for boxing it was his mother
Impulze 14 timmar sedan
13 minutes went real quick
Avi Hamlai
Avi Hamlai 14 timmar sedan
how many dogs can u kill
YTEnchanted 14 timmar sedan
Who was at Logan Paul stream spamming lord KSI😂😂
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia 14 timmar sedan
Runs out of ideas so just fall as punishment
Jabari Whyte
Jabari Whyte 14 timmar sedan
Only Africans And Caribbeans know about the bucket and scoop lol its not bush its kinda normal tbh
Joshua Torculas
Joshua Torculas 14 timmar sedan
You guys should see the daughter of our president in the philippines she really bad...
Asian Urbexer
Asian Urbexer 14 timmar sedan
Andy 14 timmar sedan
You lot that send hate should be embarrassed.
Tronen _
Tronen _ 14 timmar sedan
Guess he didn’t look closely at the snow in the clip where the dude fell over
frazz 14 timmar sedan
Where do you get the PS five
Why you Reading this
Why you Reading this 14 timmar sedan
This video did not feel like 13 mins more like 5
Hensley Jb
Hensley Jb 14 timmar sedan
Today many dogs fell
Jo Jones
Jo Jones 14 timmar sedan
12:29 wtf happened. I thought it was growing
YOUSSEF. BR 14 timmar sedan
I'm always late 🙂
Itzz Jaser
Itzz Jaser 14 timmar sedan
Try not get banned again
Joe Staveley
Joe Staveley 14 timmar sedan
he didn't even try not to laugh. the video may as well be called laugh
Rax0 14 timmar sedan
why are my indian parents so similar to african parents
Archie 14 timmar sedan
Rip Jimmy he was only twelve man, he just dropped dead randomly
seko seko 2
seko seko 2 14 timmar sedan
Toby Mathew
Toby Mathew 14 timmar sedan
Like for JJ
cool gamer boi
cool gamer boi 14 timmar sedan
Top 10 reasons why i cant watch a jj video at night Number 1: ksi's laugh And thats about it
Chanelle Lee
Chanelle Lee 14 timmar sedan
It is a bit mad that people are attacking that girl though it was the video idea it's done is dusted now let it set man
Lê Thị Quỳnh Hương
Lê Thị Quỳnh Hương 14 timmar sedan
atleast i'm better than ksi at 8th grade math
tbe 14 timmar sedan
Hi jj
Penguiny 14 timmar sedan
Rhis should be try TO laugh
Prathik 2121
Prathik 2121 14 timmar sedan
Frosty 14 timmar sedan
The videos that were selected are very old and are bad as that guy faking his high. Please find better memes! Even better suggestion... let us pick the memes.
tiana molala
tiana molala 14 timmar sedan
I understand the bathing In bath so much 😭
Kannav 14 timmar sedan
ksi today’s my birthday can i get a happy birthday 😃
Qslaps FN
Qslaps FN 14 timmar sedan
Hello 😂
I’m a nobody
I’m a nobody 14 timmar sedan
He still hasn’t named his channel LORD KSI yet :(
seko seko 2
seko seko 2 14 timmar sedan
Karen Harris
Karen Harris 14 timmar sedan
Re-name this .. I laugh..You laugh at my laugh because my laugh is funny 😂🤣😅
Purple Z281
Purple Z281 14 timmar sedan
so good
Khald alshry
Khald alshry 14 timmar sedan
8:08 I'm from saudi arabia 🌚👍
Elablo explore
Elablo explore 14 timmar sedan
Ksi (Cyrillic), a letter of the early Cyrillic alphabet (Ѯ, ѯ) derived from the Greek letter Xi [ksi], pronunciation of Greek letter Ξ or ξ in IPA symbols
Joseph Hollis
Joseph Hollis 14 timmar sedan
I'm only 4 minutes in the video and I'm already dying 😂😂
kulith` 14 timmar sedan
Natez 14 timmar sedan
Burn out on reacting to videos 😅 okie bro
UCIHA GAMING 14 timmar sedan
me waiting for ksi upload a new video 👁️👄👁️
Yash 14 timmar sedan
5:07 tell me that’s not yinka and mr.olatunji
Kier Lake
Kier Lake 14 timmar sedan
I get the first clip but realistically he could of been partially blind 😂 class tho
LFC 03
LFC 03 14 timmar sedan
8:17 *me who plays fifa ahh my time has come*
Hussein Alaa
Hussein Alaa 14 timmar sedan
Dude i still get washed with a pucket to this day 😅
Elias 14 timmar sedan
didn't he react to the behzinga one in reddit?
Juan 14 timmar sedan
Choc Sauce
Choc Sauce 14 timmar sedan
4:43 Those were the times 😂 If u dont know u dont know😂😂
vlog maria hotgirl beautiful
vlog maria hotgirl beautiful 14 timmar sedan
no one: ksi: laughs the whole way through a “try not to laugh”
Ali Amt
Ali Amt 14 timmar sedan
Star strike103
Star strike103 14 timmar sedan
The way he said Belarus
Ji Ji Squad
Ji Ji Squad 14 timmar sedan
Why is there a dislike button for comments if you can’t see the dislikes?
Alpha Dolmenhoteel2
Alpha Dolmenhoteel2 14 timmar sedan
wow. first thing i see is a PS5 that i cant get.. ):
Darian Connelly
Darian Connelly 14 timmar sedan
5:09-5:42 is JJ’s parents when they were younger it’s uncanny 😂
LFIVE5 14 timmar sedan
If KSI had a daughter it will be many fan’s children life objective to smash🤣
대니진 14 timmar sedan
We also used to do the bucket/shower thing when we were kids. Coz here in SA the hot water would always run out so we had to boil water and use it to wash ourselves.
benjac 04
benjac 04 14 timmar sedan
4:25 same thing my mom do when is no hot water😂
Oubay Braougui
Oubay Braougui 14 timmar sedan
try not to laugh but the try not to is silent
Honorable Moments
Honorable Moments 14 timmar sedan
How many subscribers can I get from this comment current 51
black_ banana
black_ banana 14 timmar sedan
We want longer videos 😔😔😔😔
Kiran Kaur
Kiran Kaur 14 timmar sedan
I love these videos
Fionn Dooley
Fionn Dooley 14 timmar sedan
Yo tonz
Abo0odi 880
Abo0odi 880 14 timmar sedan
man you didn't even try not to laugh 😂
Chaotic Tempo
Chaotic Tempo 14 timmar sedan
I bet Tommy lookin at this wanting to shank you right now
Mafia Wolf
Mafia Wolf 14 timmar sedan
jj you forgot to change your channel name to LORD JJ OLATUNJI LOL
Mythh plays
Mythh plays 14 timmar sedan
How many sub's can I get from this comment Current: 42
David 14 timmar sedan
5:07 that's my uncle and aunty believe it or not. If you somehow see this it Seun from Ireland, portlaoise 😁👍
Reuben Stewart
Reuben Stewart 14 timmar sedan
Do try not 2 laugh inbetweeners
Olah pappy
Olah pappy 14 timmar sedan
My dude looking kinda fit you know
Part Time Music
Part Time Music 14 timmar sedan
semost.info/award/p6ane6qBrNGBnGs/video.html ksi
emperor palpatine
emperor palpatine 14 timmar sedan
Luka Messiaen
Luka Messiaen 14 timmar sedan
they did Belgium wrong
4everpku 14 timmar sedan
jj: uploads 2 videos also jj: "Ya BoY iS uPlOaDing FrEquENtly"
Part Time Music
Part Time Music 14 timmar sedan
semost.info/award/p6ane6qBrNGBnGs/video.html ksi
naf isk
naf isk 14 timmar sedan
JJ mom scrubbed off his beard cells
king kerr
king kerr 14 timmar sedan
Ksi: i burned out once and i left for six months. Coryxkenshin: you call that a burn out?
seko seko 2
seko seko 2 14 timmar sedan